Investment strategy

Investment scope

Nausicaa Ventures targets investments where significant value creation is potentially in sight. Nausicaa Ventures focuses on early stage and early growth companies completing their 3rd or 4th financing round (series C or D round) with a view to raising EUR 1 to 4 million.

Most of the Nausicaa’s investment projects are in the ICT, medtech, cleantech, or other high-tech and related industries. More traditional business sectors such as manufacturing are also considered. Nausicaa Ventures would usually not invest in long-horizon projects such as in biotechnology.

Our fund focuses on projects in and around Belgium, typically within a distance of 300 km from Brussels.

Nausicaa has a particular interest in companies in which angel investors or family offices are already present.

Typically, Nausicaa Ventures looks to exit after 3 to 6 years.

Hands-on approach

Because of its unique pool of seasoned investors, Nausicaa Ventures is able to “get its hands dirty” in helping portfolio companies throughout their journey towards growth, new rounds of financing, profitability and ultimately exit.

When needed, the Fund will put in place its own operational assistance or coaching programmes.

As a rule, the Fund would not invest in projects where the collective contribution of its members would not be significant.