About us

Our Vision

Nausicaa Ventures aims to build a balanced portfolio of early stage / early growth companies in and around Belgium that have the ambition to change the way things are done in their field of activity.

We dedicate our time and energy to help our portfolio companies succeed. While we require strict financial discipline, we understand and share the passion of the entrepreneurs. We help them accelerate development, make the best strategic choices, meet the right partners, and attract talented people. We provide them with significant value that goes well beyond our commitment of funds.

The success of Nausicaa Ventures relies on the combined experience, expertise and involvement of all its investors under the leadership of its management team. Each of our portfolio companies can call upon the collective and complementary skills of the Nausicaa Venture’s entire membership.

A proactive investor group

Nausicaa Ventures is unique in that it carefully selects its shareholders and involves them in the actual analysis and monitoring of its investment projects.

Nausicaa’s shareholders – or “members” – bring a wealth of experience to bear for the benefit of the Fund and its portfolio companies.

They take an active part in the due diligence of investment projects, and assist the portfolio companies in growing profitably. For instance, members with experience in the medical sector would combine their expertise to help assess a medtech project and then act as Board members or coaches to the investee company.

Nausicaa’s members also put their professional network to use to secure alliances and attract new investors for the Fund’s portfolio companies, or identify buyers at the time of exit.