Investment decision

After the first review, the company’s leadership team will make a presentation to the Nausicaa Ventures Investment Committee.

Nausicaa Ventures will then complete an in-depth due diligence review of the investment project. The due diligence team will be comprised of the fund’s Partners and selected investors with relevant experience in the company’s field of activity. The Investment Committee will then decide whether to extend an investment term sheet to the candidate company.

Before any investment is completed, Nausicaa will carry out additional legal, fiscal and financial reviews and finalise the investment terms with the candidate company.

The conditions for a fruitful partnership are mutual trust and respect, a shared strategic vision, ambitious but attainable business and financial objectives and milestones, strict financial control, and an acute sense of what it will take to exit successfully.

The investment decision process typically takes 2 to 6 months. Well-prepared companies can usually get a quicker decision.